Burst Particles at Runtime with Unity

Burst Particles at Runtime with Unity

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Steve Mcilwain
·Mar 1, 2022·

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I want to emit a specific number of particles from a ParticleSystem at runtime. For example, in the game CatBoarder, for every spin the player completed during a jump, I wanted to emit a particle for each.


  • Unity 2020+

Add a ParticleSystem to the GameObject that will be emitting particles. Uncheck Looping and Play on Awake.

Under Emissions, configure Bursts to only emit one particle.


Add the code below as a component, then call Emit with the number of particles to emit.

public class BurstEffect: MonoBehaviour
    private ParticleSystem _particles;
    private ParticleSystem.Burst _burst;

    private void Awake()
        _particles = GetComponent<ParticleSystem>();
        _burst = _particles.emission.GetBurst(0);

    public void Emit(int score)
        _burst.count = score;
        _particles.emission.SetBurst(0, _burst);

The results... a happy cat after 2 spins!


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